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    We work hard to protect your asset
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    We'll look after your property as if it were our own
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    We guarantee our service
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What happens with repairs and maintenance?

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 -

Melanie discusses how MCM handles repairs and maintenance issues for its clients. 

Interview Transcript:

What happens with repairs and maintenance?

Yeah, so repairs and maintenance are a really important part of what we do. So in the landlord’s side we can assure our landlords that we will only send tradespeople and contractors to the property who have been thoroughly screened. So before we send anybody out we get a copy of their license or accreditation and also their insurances so we won’t send anybody through any properties without those documentation being received by us and on file.

We also actually have meeting with our tradespeople to make sure that their customer service is good, it’s very important to us that they treat our tenants with respect, they they show up on time, that their actually ok to deal with because obviously the tenants can get frustrated when appointments have been made and they don't get kept so part of what we do is have conversations with our tradespeople about what we would expect as far as customer service goes.

On the tenant side we have on our website an online repair request form so what that enables the tenant to do is jump on our website, put in all the information and  that comes to us straight away, were ever we are so then the tenants can alert us if there’s any issues. By having it online and having it come through via email to us it  means we have access to all of the information straight away and so even if were  out of the office we can action that repair where-ever we are. So whether that’s contacting the trade’s person or contacting the landlord to let them know we have that capability. We have discussion with our landlords when they sign up about what they prefer as far as getting repairs and maintenance done so you know the first thing that we check is that if anything is under warranty so obviously were not going to go and spend money if we can get its under warranty. The second thing that we talk about is whether they would like to be discussed for every single thing or whether we can get some of those minor, like washers changes, without having to bother them too much. So we'll always have a discussion with our landlords about what sort of dollar value we can spend without having to harass them but you know anything that’s high dollar value we'll actually ring the tenants up and have a conversation with them and really understand what kind of repair it is, if it’s really something that’s expensive or a little bit complex I'll actually go out on site and have a look at it myself beforehand so I really know what we need to do to get it fixed. After the repair has been done we make a courtesy call to our tenants to make sure that everything now working fine before we pay the invoice so we won’t pay anything before verifying that everything is now all good and it’s all fixed and that our tradespeople were actually really good.