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    We guarantee our service
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    We'll look after your property as if it were our own
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    We'll find you the perfect property
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    We take the stress out of owning an investment property.
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    We specialise in quality properties and quality tenants.

What happens when application is approved?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 -

A common Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) we receive is, What happens when application is approved? Our CEO, Melanie McFarlane was recently interviewed on Business Trends TV to answer this FAQ. 

 Interview Transcript

Ryan (Interviewer): Ryan here with Business Trends TV and today I have Melanie from MCM Property Services on, three in Baulkham Hills and one the question we got from our viewers was what happens after an application is approved Melanie?

Melanie: Yes so from an applicant’s perspective once the applications been approved by the landlord obviously we'll make contact with the applicant, let them know the happy news and then what we do is get them to pay a one week holding fee so it’s one week’s rent holding fee which basically secures the property for them so we won’t show anybody else through or any other applications come in they won’t be processed on that property so it really gives the applicant confidence that they do have the property and that basically gives us  a week then to organise then the leases to be prepared and  for a meeting for the leases to be signed. On the landlords side our processes if you like are a little bit more stringent than a lot of other property management companies. WE really spend a lot of time to set up our tenant properly, so one of the issues that we’ve seen time and time again is where you’ve got a property manager that bring a tenant in, signs up the paper work in 2 seconds, hands them the keys and there out the door. that’s really not what were about, we want to make sure that our tenant knows exactly what the expectation are and even if they have rented before they not maybe rented with us, so  we want to make sure that they know what we would expect from them through the tenancy. Also what they can expect from us in far as dealing with  us, communication, all those sort of factors so the key thing that we'll do is obviously when we actually draft the lease, before I  go and organise a signing meeting I'll actually email a copy of that lease to the landlord beforehand, so that they can actually see the terms, particularly things that special conditions that we might of inserted and they get the opportunity to approve those or ask for any changes before we go and get that lease signed. So I'll never go ahead and sign the lease without getting the landlord to agree to the terms first. Once we’ve got that again contact the tenant to organise the meeting, one of the things that we do very differently at MCM is to actually meet the tenant onsite, so where ever possible we'll meet the tenant at the property so we can do a thorough induction with then and that means actually sitting down going through all the terms of the leases, all of the special conditions and all of the really important factors of that property. Just the other day I had some young people that was there first time renting and I spent two hours with them at the property showing them the basics, this was a property that had a dishwasher, air conditioning unit and being new to renting they'd never had to deal with that before and I actually took them through how to clean the filters on the air conditioning unit . So we do spend a lot of time setting up out tenants and what we fin is that really sets it up for a really successful tenancy for both the landlord and the tenant. So you know at MCM that’s a really key focus for us it have successful tenancies not just have a tenancy. So if you’re not sure that you’re not getting that kind of service with your property manager or if you’re looking at renting your property out and you really want to have a  really successful tenancy then absolutely give me a call. I’m happy to talk you through what we do further Our number is 1300309700 or you can always email me through the website at MCMpropertyservices.co.au.