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    We take the stress out of owning an investment property.
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    We'll look after your property as if it were our own
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What Are Rental Properties Like In Baulkham Hills?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 -

What Are Rental Properties Like in Baulkham Hills?

Ryan (Interviewer): Ryan here with Business Trends TV and today I have Melanie with MCM Property Services in Baulkham Hills on the line and one of the questions we got from our viewers Melanie is what are the rental properties like in Baulkham Hills?

Melanie: Yeh look Baulkham Hills is a fantastic area, really family friendly, we’ve got a mix of properties in Baulkham Hill from some older style, some apartment, town houses, right through to properties that have been newly renovated or sort of knocked down rebuild style. The beautiful thing about Baulkham Hills is it’s an established area, you’ve got heaps of park land, walking trials, cycle ways, you know, and all those kinds of services for kids. we’ve got fabulous school so there’s quite a number of primary schools dependant on which part of Baulkham Hill you’re actually looking at moving  into . And we also have fantastic high schools so we’ve got Baulkham Hill selective high which was ranked number 2 in New South Wales in 2013 so you can rest  assured if you’re moving here with families we’ve got some fantastic cervices there for your kids. As far as the individual properties go there’s a few distinct areas throughout Baulkham Hills so you’ve got the Cresswood area which tends to have sort of bigger land, so on average you’re looking at about lot sizes of about800 - 900 sq. meters. you’ve got a great big back yard to have a play in. If you looking at down Astoria Park which is close to the Matthew Pearce Primary School those blocks are normally around the 700 mark, again ?? Hills North , that kind of area most of the blocks are around 650 -700- 750, mark so there’s a few different sort of house sizes, land sizes, just depending on which pocket your looking at moving into. But where you go on Baulkham Hills you’re going to have a fantastic time and again very community focused, lots of services and it’s just a really great place to live. If you have rental property that you are looking at getting new tenancy in or looking at renting out and you  want to get an idea of price, by all means give me a call 1300309700 or contact me through our website at MCMpropertyservices.co.au. I’m more than happy to have a chat with you about your property, come and have a look, give you an idea of price and just talk to you about what you need to do to rent your property out, more than happy to help

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