• We specialise in quality properties and quality tenants.
    We specialise in quality properties and quality tenants.
  • We'll look after your property as if it were our own
    We'll look after your property as if it were our own
  • We utilise the latest technology to provide detailed photo and video inspection reports.
    We utilise the latest technology to provide detailed photo and video inspection reports.
  • We work hard to protect your asset
    We work hard to protect your asset
  • We guarantee our service
    We guarantee our service

Melanie Gives You An Inside Look Into MCM

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 -

Melanie McFarlane gives you an inside look into MCM Property Services.

Interview Transcript:

Ryan: Ryan here at business trends TV and today I have on the line I have Melanie form MCM property Services in Baulkham Hills Australia and I’ve got a, one of the questions that I get a lot is, you know, how do I find the best property management company and one of the things that  I really liked about Melanie’s business is she’s got a really interesting back officer portal for her clients that make it really easy for them to  manage their property and see how things are going on so Melanie, how you doing today?

Melanie: I’m great Ryan thanks how you are?

Ryan: Good, now could you show us a little bit of this portal? I know that we were talking before we got on air here a little bit about it, can you just give us a walkthrough of what this portal looks like and how they get there through your website.

Melanie: Yes absolutely so what I'll do is I'll just share my screen with you. OK, so the first thing that a client would do would be to go to our website which as you can see is just MCM Property Services.com.ai and then you can see just right on the home page there, so really straight forward, you’ve got over here the client log in. ok so all they have to do is click on that and basically they’ll pull them up with another window here which gives you our landlord portal. We've had some fabulous feedback from our landlords about our landlord portal; we spent a lot of time researching to make sure we had a technology that was going to really benefit our landlords. So the awesome things here is there’s news and library’s, so that can be any newsletters, documents, anything like that that I want to upload to all of my landlords. They can check out their own details, so that would be the current contact details, bank account details, all of that kind of information that I currently have for you as a landlord. With the statements tab down, the awesome thing is that all of your statements at the beginning of each month are uploaded so you don’t have to worry about losing them, and getting printed out and all that kind of thing, so if you ever want to look at your statement you don’t have to go back and search through emails you can just log onto the portal here and have a look at your statement, you can down load them, open them up, print them off, whatever you want to do. The portfolio tab here gives you information that we have about each of your properties so that will tell you the property address, obviously and what management package you’re actually on for that property. The transactions tab gives you a list of every transaction that we have done on behalf of you so that every rent receipt, every invoice that we've paid, everything like that is all listed down so you can track through and that gives you the paid to dates for your tenant, so you can see mid months prior to giving your statement, you can always have look and check that your tenant is paying your rent. With the diary it’s a really fantastic component of this landlord portal so basically I can upload notes, I can upload document anything that as landlord I think that you need to know or have access to I can upload that there so you can always be seeing what going all of the times and any documents, as I said, you don’t have to worry about searching for emails, you can just go on there and view it or download it whenever you need it. The messages tab here basically gives you an option to send me a message directly through this system and what will happen is that message will come straight through to me and then I'll be able to send you a reply, and you'll be able to see both of them together so again kind of avoiding that issues of getting loads and loads of emails or trying to trace emails. This messaging tool is really helpful for landlords, so that gives you a little bit of an idea abut out landlord portal and as I’ve said we’ve had some fantastic feedback from our owners about this portal, it’s been really helpful for them particular when I’ve got owners interstate and overseas where we might be on different time zones and things, if they want to know information or they want to send me a message they can do that at any time of the day where ever they are so all I need is internet access. So that’s a very awesome tool and were very very proud of our landlord portal and it’s working really well for us. While were there I thought I might just take you through a few things on our website, so again we spend a lot of time trying to make sure that our website has lots of useful information for current landlords and also people that might be hunting around for a  property manager. So when your are looking online for a property manager it’s a really good idea to check out the information on their website. Ultimately it should tell you a little bit about them and a little bit about how they work so we have spent a lot of time in trying to make this website really user friendly and also have as much information as possible on there so people can find out what they to do and what were about as a company. so even just looking at our homepage, straight away if you are looking at renting out a property and you want to request an appraisal all you have to do is click on here, that will pop you up a form, you fill that form up directly through the website and that will be emailed directly through to mw so just give me some basic information about your property, and then I can give you call, organise a time to come and have look and then be  able to give you a free rental appraisal so again no obligation, if your just looking at possibly renting a property out and you want a rough idea about price I can certainly come and have a look and give you that information that way. also on our home page there we’ve got a really great feature where, if we’ve got tenant that need to pay some top up rent, pay some extra rent, pay water usage invoice or if we’ve got a landlord that needs to put some money in the account because we might have a larger repair maintenance bill or something along those lines ??? or something they can come directly here, click on make a payment and that will again open you up and take you through to a payment screen so you can make a payment with your credit card straight through to our trust account and that will all be processed for you. Just heading back to the home page obviously you might want to know a little bit about our other owners and we’ve got on the home page there are just a couple of recent reviews. If you’re a prospective tenant and you’re looking for a property you can do a property search as well. Heading back to the top to our main tabs if you want a bit more in-depth information, so if a  perspective tenant, there a whole load of question answer, about what it’s like to rent within ?? property so it goes through things like how they, apply, what are they going to do as far as how much bond they'll got to pay, what happens with connecting utilities, all those kind of things so we try to make sure that people are really prepared to rent with MCM property. For existing tenant there the tenant tab, we’ve got quite a lot of information for tenant as well things like what to do with repairs and maintenance, they can also request a repair so  we try to make it really easy if there is an issue they they can communicate that issue to us as quickly as possible so they head into the request a repair page, they fill in this information and that gives us all the information we need to determine what kind of trades person we need to send out and obviously alert the owner as well if there an issue. OK, also with tenant there a few resources and forms and things in there. For our new landlords if we head into the landlord tab here basically we’ve got a lot of information about why to choose MCM property services so we try to be up front as possible as we  can with particular landlords about what our service philosophy is and what our processes are so you can really make an informed decision about whether we are the right property manager for you. Were very up front, we communicate a lot with our landlord and ultimately we want to make sure that you are really happy with the way that we operate and you’re going to have the confidence in us to look after your property. so some of the key things that are detailed in this page is we do offer a service guarantee, were very proud of our service standards and if there’s ever a reason that you’re not happy then we'll refund your management fees for that month so we don’t want to have unhappy landlords, we want ecstatic landlords cos we want our landlords to tell other people to use MCM so we do have that  service guarantee so yeh I mean there all the key facts there about dealing with MCM property, I’m the  business owner and your property manager so you don’t get shuffled between other property managers and have people leaving all the time so you always have confidences to whose looking after your property. We do have a lot  of technology that we use just to make it a lot more convenient for both our landlords and our tenant so we’ve invested a lot in these sort of technology services as well. Things that we  focus on to look after your property, things like arrears management, doing inspections, we use our IPad to do all of our inspections now, which is fantastic technology, it gives you the latest information , photographs, videos of your property, all that kinds of thing. We maximise your return, we do all regular rent reviews and all that  kind of things at the end of your lease. We also make sure that we have good rent payment policies as well so again we use an online system for your tenant to pay your rent, basically direct debits so they don’t have to think about it. Managing your cash flow, we’ve some really great payment  options for landlords so if your tenants paying weekly or fortnightly then we can pay you fortnightly as well so you get a mid-month payment and end of month so that sort of helps , that money can go directly into your mortgage account or anywhere you want it to go but you’re getting that money a bit more frequently. The 24 hour access?? portal and  that’s really beneficial for landlords. Keeping your tenant happy and paying, we do spend a lot of time setting your tenant up, we want your tenants really happy with leasing an property, not just your property but leasing through MCM so we really work very closely with your tenant and we feel that when your tenant are happy, they’re going to be a great tenant, they’re going to look after your property and pay their on time. And of course we have our ??? for our landlords so basically you can come in, you can rent your property out, we can take over your property and you won’t pay any management fees for the first month so you get a feel for how we work and make sure you’re going to be happy ongoing. A couple of the other feature,, sorry Ryan yeh

Ryan: No I said that’s great it really easy to do business with you guys and you guys are very comprehensive website and I like that fact that your very technically savvy as well, you’re able to provide a solution that makes it very easy for your tenant to pay the rent and landlord to get it so.

Melanie: Absolutely and if people want to read a little but about what our other landlords and tenants have said they can just come into the customer reviews tab there and they can see some of the feedback we’ve received from our landlords and our tenants. so you know really the proof is in the pudding as they say it doesn’t matter what I say about how we operate, they need to see what other people are saying. so these are all people that have utilised our services either as a landlord or as a tenant so it gives a really good indication about what to expect when they deal with MCM Property.

Ryan: Great well that awesome, we’ve learned a lot and if somebody wants to get a hold of you, what’s the best way to get a hold of you?

Melanie: Yeh sure, really the easiest things is pick up the phone and give me a call so our number is 1300309700, otherwise if they want to send me an email and I can contact them they can certainly do that through the contact page the website so MCMpropertyServices.com.au.

Ryan: Great, thanks for giving us some insight into your website and also the customer portal so people will know what they’re going to get when people start doing business with you so we'll talk to you sometime soon. Thanks a lot.

Melanie: Fantastic, Thanks Ryan.