• We specialise in quality properties and quality tenants.
    We specialise in quality properties and quality tenants.
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    We'll look after your property as if it were our own
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    We'll find you the perfect property
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    You deal direct with the business owner
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    We utilise the latest technology to provide detailed photo and video inspection reports.

How Does MCM Screen Tenants?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 -

Frequently Asked Question: How Does MCM Property Services screen tenants?

Interview Transcript

Ryan(Interviewer): Ryan here with Business Trends TV and today I have Melanie with MCM Property Services in Baulkham Hills on the line and one of the questions we got from our viewers Melanie is how do you screen tenants?

Melanie: Yeh well this is so so crucial, obviously if you’re not really looking at all the information that the tenants providing, if you’re not checking that information, you know checking that they currently are working and do have an ongoing income it can be a real disaster for landlords. you know, I’ve seen it before where people have pit down information, the application looks great, and the property manager doesn’t go ahead and make the call and we find out later that that person was actually left that job or was sacked from that job months ago and that’s why there no rent coming in. So what we do  is a really thorough look at that application form, we use an online application, which you know, in today world makes it really easy for people to upload their information quite quickly and it’s a very guided application form, there’s a lot of information that they have to submit, they can’t go any further if they don’t submit it and also committing to our terms and conditions before they look at actually putting through that application so they know exactly what they have to do, should there application be progressing through the process.  So once we receive that application we also require 100 point ID check, so we make sure we confirm that that person is a real person, they’ve got their vital identification, we get a copy of it, a current lease of a phone bill, those kinds of things to confirm their name and address, then we'll go through and verify their references, so that means calling their current workplace and dependant on how they’ve been there maybe the previous as well and the kind of things that we looking for if they've got stable income, that they're full time employed, there not part time casual where they're wages are going to vary a lot, see how long they’ve worked for the company for and that will give us a good indication of they’re stability. if people are chopping and changing all the time then whether they would staying in your property for the whole lease or whether they would want to move, that might be a little bit of an issue. So we really look for people that have been in their current employment for a good period of time, and then well do the same with their current landlord, so landlord of managing agent and  we'll thoroughly screen that. So we'll be asking questions like have they fallen behind in their rent, have there been any issues throughout the tenancy, have there been  any issues reported in the inspections, you know are they going to get their bond back. those are critical information we'll be looking to ask questions on that. The other thing that we do is we utilise, it’s an online blacklist if you like for tenant so it’s a default tenant database that we subscribe to and we'll be checking each applicant against that to see if they've had any tenancy problems and that covers anywhere in Australia so if they have lived elsewhere in Australia and they’ve failed to pay their rent then they'll be on the tenant database. so we check everything that we possibly can to verify that the applicant has the capacity to pay your rent on an ongoing basis and also we'll look after the property. Once we’ve done that then we’ll obviously present that information to the landlords. So our  philosophy is the landlord always gets the ultimate say on who rents their property, we don’t make that decision for the landlord so there in complete control of who ultimately goes in there. So what’s really important is you have a property manager that is going to take the time and spend the time to go through the application and make all those calls and reference checks and then as I said gives control to the landlord. so that what were about at MCM property, if you’ve got concerns with the way your property is being looked after again were more than happy to answer any questions or give you some feedback, just give me a call, 1300309700 or contact me through our website at MCMpropertyservices.co.au.